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A Slip In Time

Posted by Mike

Time - one of the constants that governs our universe, an immutable stream of events that defines our lives.

Or is it?

For years, it was accepted the time was linear, starting at one point and continuing onwards, a stream that can only be experienced in the present.

But more recently, scientists have hypothesised that time could be helical, looping over and over, sometimes on top of itself.

Such a definition of time offers the possibility of something once thought impossible: time travel.

A common belief, especially by anyone who has read H.G.Wells' book The Time Machine is that if we are to travel in time, we will require a time machine, a physical device that bends time at our whim. But what if we don't need a machine? What if, perhaps by sheer serendipity we could travel in time, even accidentally?

The paranormal phenomena known as a 'Time Slip' points to this possibility. Many stories exist describing periods of lost time and experiencing people, places and events that happened in the past.

This video describes just two of these experiences.

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