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The Enfield Poltergeist

Posted by Mike

On the surface, Green Street in London's Enfield looked just like any other leafy suburban street. People walked their dogs, went to work - everything seemed normal.

But behind the door of the house shared by Peggy Hodgson and her four children, all hell was breaking loose.

It was August 1977 when a once peaceful family existence was shattered by a series of terrifying and inexplicable incidents, and the apparent return of 'Bill', a previous tenant who had died years earlier.

Paranormal activity included moving furniture, flying objects, unexplained fires and pools of water. The activity was witnessed by news reporters, investigators and even a police officer who signed a witness statement.

Perhaps the two most frightening incidents were the apparent levitation of Peggy's daughter Janet (see left), and the gruff disembodied voice of 'Bill' giving a detailed and accurate account of how and where he died. The description was caught on tape by the late paranormal investigator Maurice Grosse, and verified by the dead man's Son.

Over 30 years on, the Enfield phenomena are still unexplained - this documentary gives a great insight into why this mystery endures.

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