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The British UFO Files

Posted by Mike

Has the British government been keeping it's knowledge of alien craft and creatures from its citizens? Have constant denials from the corridors of Whitehall been an elaborate smokescreen designed to keep the British public in the dark?

Successive British administrations have long denied any interest in the UFO phenomena, military or otherwise. However, this documentary reveals that since the second world war, the British Government have actively investigated the UFO phenomenon.

The government also kept many cases on file for further investigation by a dedicated 'UFO Desk' based deep in the bowels of the Ministry of Defence.

Eye witness reports of encounters, and their subsequent dealings with the authorities are detailed, and powerful testimonies from Ufology heavyweights such as Tim Good and Nick Pope make this compelling viewing.
Cases covered include that of two RAF Lightning pilots who encountered a fleet of UFO's and the intriguing case of Peter Horsley (Equerry to the Duke of Edinburgh) and his extraordinary meeting with a mysterious man known only by the name 'Janus' - Horsley was later quoted as saying that 'Janus' was "Without question, an alien"

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