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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" - Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'


The Curious Case Of Captain Snow

Posted by Mike

Captain Robert Snow, homicide detective in the Indianopolis Police Department was a no nonsense man. His job was dealing with facts and tangible evidence, bringing these things together to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that an event had occurred.

When it came to the paranormal, Captain Snow was a confirmed skeptic. He didn't believe in reincarnation, past lives and the paranormal.

That is until a more open minded friend of Captain Snow dared him to be hypnotised and regressed to a past life. Captain Snow was skeptical, but he wasn't about to loose a bet.

He accepted, after all it was never going to work was it?

He was wrong.

Within 30 minutes, Snow was recounting a former life as an artist in intimate detail; his paintings, his wife and his love of wine.

This video is the story of how Captain Snow risked his professional reputation to uncover the real story of his past incarnation.

VIDEO: REINCARNATION, past life on proof positive

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