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Introducing Mark Macy

Posted by Mike

I first encountered the author and researcher Mark Macy when I bought his book Miracles In The Storm - a personal historical account of the development of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC).

ITC utilised simple everyday electronic devices such as radios and TV's to generate feedback loops that served to communicate with the spirit world.

Using this technique, Mark was able to contact and converse with a deceased colleague Dr. Konstant─źns Raudive. The book is excellently written and the subject fascinating.

Lots more information, photos and recordings about ITC can be found on Mark's website.

Another field Mark specialises in is spirit photography. Mark uses a device known as an 'Illuminator' to affect Polaroid photographs in such a way as to reveal hidden faces.

Subjects have been known to see faces of long dead relatives, friends and even dead celebrities superimposed on their own faces.

This video features a montage of TV coverage of Mark's photography, and is an interesting watch!

Suggested Reading:
Spirit Faces: Truth About The Afterlife - Mark Macy
Miracles in the Storm: To Come - Mark Macy

VIDEO: Mark Macy - Spirit Faces

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