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The 'Entity' Case

Posted by Mike

In 1974 Dr Barry Taff and Kerry Gaynor were approached by a woman in her 30's who had overheard them talking about parapsychology in a book store.

The woman claimed that her house was haunted and that she was slowly being driven insane by the evil presence that stalked her.

The woman's name was Doris Bither, and her story would become known as a watershed in paranormal investigation.

When Taff and Gaynor agreed to look into Ms Bither's case, they had no idea that they would be encountering the most real and frightening example of paranormal activity they had ever witnessed.

Dubbed 'The Entity Case' Doris Bither's story was adapted to make the 1981 film 'The Entity'.

This video sees Kerry Gaynor talking about and displaying evidence from this incredible encounter with the other side.

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