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The Flames Within

Posted by Mike

When 51 year old Beatrice Oczki waved her son Frank off on a skiing trip for the Thanksgiving weekend she wished him well and told him to be safe. Little did she know that it was her that was in peril.

Beatrice was diabetic, and wore a leg brace which caused her to be housebound; she had a few pleasures however, she enjoyed a drink and a cigarette. When Frank left, Beatrice settled down into her armchair. This would be the last known activity before her death.

The morning after, Shelley, Beatrice's ex-daughter-in-law called at the house to pick up some items. After getting no answer and smelling smoke, Shelley called the fire department.

What the fire fighters discovered was horrific, and inexplicable. Sticking out from what appeared to be a small fire were the unmistakable forms of two human legs, one of which was still wearing a leg brace. These were the only existing earthly remains of Beatrice Oczki.

Mrs Oczki's body was almost completely obliterated; skin, bones, tissue, all reduced to nothing but ash. Even stranger, apart from the chair she was sitting in, hardly anything else in the room was affected by the fire. Even plastics and paper local to the scene were untouched.

Was this a tragic accident? Or was Beatrice Oczki a victim of the phenomena known as Spontaneous Human Combustion?

UPDATE: The original video has been replaced with an updated documentary.

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